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05/07/2018 11:32 am  

Welp, it seems no one else is writing the first topic so ill start off.

Hello, I am Aguilaair. I am one of the Regional Lead Ambassadors in Spain and I also do some web development. I have been involved in various projcets throughout my journey with Bitcoin Private and thay have all been incredible. If you are here I suppouse it is because you are an ambassador or because you want to become one. If the case is the second one I strongly encourage you to become one. As I have dicovered during the past months the BTCP communtity  is one of the most helpful and energy-ful community I have ever been in and I regret nothing of being here. Everyone that I have met is a great person and is always willing to help and if you join the community as an ambassador you will feel the welcoming warmth just as I felt it. 

P.D.This is just a short post to start off this forum!

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08/07/2018 3:21 am  

Great start Aguilaar!

BTCP community are really awesome and strong. Great persons, dedicated contributors and probably the most united too.

Welcome!! 😀 

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09/07/2018 9:34 pm  

Hello everyone!


Glad to be finally joining into the forum.

Telegram provides many incentives to sharing information but I believe forum activity will prove that formal discussion and information are a lot more meaningful long term.



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I appreciate your attitude, thank you!


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