FEB 2018 - "Bitcoin Private, The Most Trusted Privacy Coin Of 2018" by Aurelius  


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Cryptocurrency has a short list of privacy coins available in the blockchain space, none of which quite meets the vision of Bitcoin’s creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin Private does just that. It takes the best of Bitcoin and merges it with the best privacy technology available today in a coin called Zclassic. The two technologies provide for a robust and sound proof coin that will eliminate the need for additional forks down the road and it’s faster, cheaper and 100% private when you want it to be. What does privacy have to do with cryptocurrency you may be asking?

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You can donate to the developer using the QR code above or the address bellow:b153M2veQGCGkCYz1AvidPavz58QmJVb1Fz

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