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Becoming a Bitcoin Private Ambassador means joining the world of cryptocurrencies as a protagonist, defending the financial freedom, the right to privacy, and contribute to the development of Bitcoin Private communities all over the world.

You can improve your leadership qualities, be active with our marketing teams, become an influencer or organize events.

Last but not least, You will find great friends from all over the world.

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@Hashtags_Trends @officialmcafee @rogerkver @btcpnews @bitcoinprivate @btcp_ambassador @coinbase @binance @cz_binance When the Bitcoin Private rebase gets concluded (priority is to find competent C++, zk-SNARKs consensus devs able to peer review our Github Rebase code), then protocol risk is finalized and core value is set to come to fruition gents. Cheers to the next bullrun! #WeAreBTCP

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